Dr. Mary Sedgwick

Lion Mary is from Asheville, NC.  She joined the Sand Hill Lions Club in 2005 and has held the offices of Club President, Club Membership Chair, District Treasurer, Zone Chairperson and many others.  Lion Mary currently serves as the President for Western NC Lions, Inc, a non-profit of all District 31L Lions which owns and operates the Marjorie McCune Assisted and Independent Living Community. 


Lion Mary was practicing as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist until 2002 when her visual acuity began to worsen preventing her from performing surgery.  She resigned from practicing and began a 

long journey to discover ways to see in the dark.  At the NC Lions MD 31 Convention in April 2018, Lion Mary was blessed with the opportunity to try eSight computerized glasses which enable the visually impaired to see.  With over 50 tearful Lion friends watching she saw for the first time the beauty in Leader Dog Lucy’s eyes that she had always known in her heart.  In two weeks, Lion Mary raised money for her eSight glasses and received them in June 2018.  Since July 2018 Lion Mary has traveled across the state of NC and beyond evaluating eSight with well over 400 visually impaired individuals.  She has had a 76% percent success rate resulting in eSight restoring the person’s vision from 20/200 or worse to 20/40 or better – even 20/10!  Lion Mary has discovered her new passion and commitment to share the gift of sight.


Lion Mary has received the Presidential Award from Past International President Gudrun Yngvadottir.  She is a Melvin Jones Fellow, graduate of Lions Clubs International Faculty Development Institute, Jack Stickley Fellow, Sid L Scruggs Beacon of Hope Fellow and William L Woolard Partner-In-Service.  Lion Mary will be presenting at the 2020 USA/Canada Leadership Forum in Louisville, KY.