RE: Resolution to amend the District 32 C Constitution for the addition of a Chief Kindness Officer to the District 32 C Cabinet and include a description of his/her duties in the District 32 C By-Laws


ARTICLE VI (of the constitution) TO READ:


Section 1. OFFICERS:  The officers of this district shall be the district governor, the immediate past district governor, the first and second vice district governors, the region chairpersons (if the position is utilized during the district governor’s term), the zone chairpersons, a cabinet secretary/treasurer or a cabinet secretary and a cabinet treasurer, and a chief kindness officer.  Each such officer shall be a member in good standing of a Lions club in good standing in the district. (The officers listed in this section are the minimum officers required for a district cabinet.  Should the district add additional officers, they may through amendment of this section)


ARTICLE III (of the by-laws) TO READ:

Section 13.  CHIEF KINDNESS OFFICER: The chief kindness officer (CKO), subject to the supervision and direction of the district governor and/or region chairperson, shall have the ability to address any unkind act that he or she observes and is forthwith determined as unkind by the CKO and district governor and/or region chairperson by a fellow Lion or individual working with the Lions in District 32 C.  Furthermore, the chief kindness officer will encourage Lions Clubs to create a warm, friendly environment within District 32C and surrounding communities by promoting personal compassion and benevolence via Lions’ humanitarian service and assistance. More specific duties may include:

  1. The chief kindness officer shall undertake, with other Lions of district 32C, actions to create a kinder world.

  2. The CKO shall work within his/her Lions Club and district to raise awareness of kindness’ affirmative impact on local, national, and international relationships.

  3. The CKO shall act as a Lion volunteer, and will be directly involved in bringing about positive change by raising awareness of the important role that kindness plays in the well-being of our society.

  4. The CKO will be the “go-to person” for notifications of district Lions who have passed or are facing grave illness.

  5. The CKO shall be actively involved in a Lions Club, and may from time to time be invited to club or public meetings, panels, schools, or other organizations, encouraging them to promote kindness in all aspects of daily life.

  6. The CKO shall be available to mentor and coach senior district leaders when asked for advice.

  7. The CKO shall help to identify goodwill initiatives within the Lions’ community and actively raise public awareness to the good work that’s being done by individuals, Lions Clubs, and other organizations.

  8. The CKO shall from time to time participate in media engagements, interviews, panels, or forums to promote and address current events in which kindness could be a factor and to encourage Lions and the community to participate therein.

  9. The CKO shall highlight the importance of engaging district Lions, families, communities, towns, and our State in promoting kindness among all people.

The CKO shall encourage, emphasize, and engage active participation in Lions activities from highly visible and public sectors of society including, but not limited to, the police and emergency services, hospitals, schools, and the business community.